Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce {Paleo, AIP, Nightshade Free}

This recipe was total serendipity....

  1. a fortunate accident or the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Some recipes take weeks, months, even years (I have a thanksgiving recipe I've been tinkering with for years) to create. You try and try again and try again and keep making your family eat the same thing over and over.

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BUT, some recipes are serendipitous....they just happen. This was one of those. 

A few weeks back I had made something (might have been grilled lamb steaks - honestly can't remember and it really isn't important) and I thought, I needed a sauce

So, I opened the cabinets and the fridge and starting pulling things out and lining them up on the counter. 

Let's see... bbq sauce is

sweet.... apple, orange, strawberries, maple syrup
tangy.... vinegar
savory... onion, garlic, herbs
spicy.... ginger

I started tossing things in the pot, stirring, combining, blending and suddenly there appeared before me a pot full of BBQ sauce. 

When I served it with dinner, my hubby asked his typical question. "Is this a blog recipe?" 
"no, just something I threw together." 
"It should be."

So, when I had a few minutes last week I recreated this beauty and got it photographed and blog ready. 

This is a great dipping sauce for fries, perfect for topping meatloaf or slathering on grilled chicken and coming soon you'll see that it's the perfect sauce for sloppy joes. MMMM!

Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce
{paleo, AIP, Nightshade free}

Time: 25 minutes
Makes: about 2 cups

- 1 TBSP Olive Oil
- 1 large onion - red or yellow - diced
- 1 inch piece of fresh ginger - peeled and diced
- 2 cloves garlic - crushed
- 1 TBSP dried thyme
- 1 TBSP dried rosemary
- 1 medium apple (any variety you like) - finely diced/ not peeled
- juice of 1 orange
- 8-10 medium strawberries - hulled and chopped in half
- 1/3 cup water
- 1 TBSP coconut sugar or maple syrup

- heat oil in sauce pan
-saute onions on low heat until brown (10-15 minutes) 
- use this time to prep the rest of your ingredients
- about 8 minutes in, add ginger, garlic, herbs and salt
- add chopped apple and saute another 1-2 minutes
- add remaining ingredients and simmer on low until apples and strawberries are tender (3-4 minutes)
- transfer to a blender or use an immersion blender to puree
- simmer until sauce has thickened to desired consistency