Friday, May 13, 2016

Sweet & Spicy Sausage Seasoning {AIP, Paleo}

A friend of mine often tells me that I need to write a series of children's stories about the adventures my family had while living in Tanzania. The first story in this series will be 'the tale of the chimp in the freezer.' True story, but that's a story for another day. :)

Today, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about our grocery shopping in Tanzania. I know that following the AIP, we all know the struggles of grocery shopping...searching out all the compliant foods and navigating the food labels and ingredient lists, and trying to remember which foods are nightshades. We've all been there, right?

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, where we lived in Tanzania was off the beaten path. (That might be a little bit of an was several days drive off the beaten path). There was one main store in town with a few random things on the shelf and  a market in town where mangos and bananas and few vegetables were always available, but that was about it. We brought most of our staples (flour, sugar, rice, beans, canned veggies, tuna, toilet paper, etc.) from the states in shipping containers. And, as meat wasn't readily available, our family would go on hunting trips to fill the freezer for the year. Usually a couple of times a year, our family and a couple of other families would pack the landrovers and spend a few days camping and hunting.

Hunting trips were always fun times. We got to spend time with friends, take a break from school and
help to spot the animals. I always particularly enjoyed getting to ride on the roof rack of the landrover with my eyes peeled for what could be next week's dinner.

Once back home, we'd all pitch in and help with the butchering process - cutting, grinding, packing and labeling all the meat to be used for months to come. It was quite the process and a lot of work, but well worth it to have a stocked freezer

Part of the butchering process was making huge batches of homemade sausage. Our recipe was ground warthog, some pork fat, tons of spices and a secret ingredient. I wasn't a big fan of touching all the raw meat (honestly, it's still not my favorite thing), so I never did the meat mixing, but I can still picture someone elbow deep in a huge bowl mixing the spices and fat into the meat. I may not have enjoyed mixing the sausage, but I LOVED this sausage browned up, added to a milk gravy and served over fresh, flaky biscuits. (sorry about that)!!

This seasoning mix is completely nightshade free (and doesn't have our secret ingredient), but the ginger gives it a hint of spiciness and the herbs and cinnamon give it sweetness, so that what you end up with reminds me of sweet italian sausage. When mixed into ground beef or lamb or pork and formed into sausage patties it's the perfect breakfast protein. It's also a good idea to use seasoned meat as the base of a soup. I particularly like it in my 'breakfast stoup.' This seasoning mix is also good when sprinkled over veggies for roasting.

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Sweet & Spicy Sausage Seasoning

Time: 5 minutes
Makes: enough to season 5-6 pounds of ground meat

2 T dried oregano
2 T dried marjoram
2 T dried ginger
1 T dried garlic
3/4 T pink himalayan salt
1 t dried cinnamon
1/4 t dried cloves

- Mix all ingredients using a mortar/ pestle or a spice grinder until herbs are ground fine and all mixed well together. 
- Store in a jar or an airtight container and use about 1 1/2 T mixed into 1 pound of ground meat

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**This recipe was shared on Phoenix Helix Recipe Roundtable