Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thirst Quencher - Ginger, Lemon & Mint Infused Water {AIP, Paleo}

This is one of those...'now why didn't I think of that?' recipes. And, I almost hesitate to call it a recipes, because it's so simple and likely something that a lot of other people are doing. I just hadn't had it until recently.

There was a time in my life where I used to joke about keeping an 'idea journal' to write down all the brilliant ideas I have so I could prove that I thought of them fist.
Multiple times in my life I've had ideas that I thought were great, but didn't act on them...and then years later, someone else did act on them and I was stuck staring in disbelief, telling anyone who would listen that it was my idea.

So what are some of these brilliant ideas that were stolen from me?? Here are two:

(1) As a kid we used to fly frequently. This was before seat back entertainment systems when if you were lucky a flight attendant would give you some crayons and a coloring book for in seat entertainment. I remember noticing on one particular flight that there were lots of other kids and it would be fun to be able to get to play with some of them. I also noticed lots of moms of new babies who seemed unsure about what to do on the flight. Cabin crew would help as they could, but they were busy. That's when the idea struck me. Long flights should have an extra flight attendant just to help parents, play with kids, etc. Then, a few years ago I was flying 'Gulf Air' and flipping through the in flight magazine and saw their 'sky nanny service.' Someone took my idea!

(2) Oddly enough, also involves travel.... weird! I thought I had a 3 hour layover, but it turned into a 9 hour layover and then I noticed that my phone battery was dying. I had emails to send and facebook to scroll through, and I was stuck with no phone and no charger. I found a charging station, but had to stand right there by my phone for half an hour while it charged. As I sat there, I thought that it would be great if there was a safe place to lock your phone up while you charged it, so you could leave it and walk around. And, low and behold, now it seems that everywhere I go...malls, airports, etc... all have these phone charging lockers where you lock it up and go. That was my idea!

I often have good ideas, but this is one that somehow slipped my mind. And, when I had it, I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it. While I was in Kenya, the hotel we stayed out was awesome - the setting, the service and the food. The first morning when we walked in for breakfast, I was in awe at all the choices (even all the AIP friendly things). I filled my plate (or plates I should say) and went to the table to wait for my friends. I walked passed the 'juice' station because I didn't want to drink my sugars and then one of my friends told me to go check it out. In the midst of the juices, they had an infused water. I looked at the label and saw - ginger, lemon & mint.

Hmmm... I've had ginger and lemon tea and I've had mint and lemon juice, but never combined the 3. That was the more refreshing way to start the day. I thought it was such a unique twist on the idea of infused water that I had to make some for myself when I got home.

It was quick and easy and kept for a couple of days in the fridge so it was easy to enjoy. 

Ginger, Lemon & Mint Thirst Quencher

Serves: 6-8
Time: 8 minutes (plus chilling time- at least 2 hours)

2 lemons
2 inch piece of ginger
1/2 cup of mint leaves
10-12 cups of water

- remove peel from lemons and cut into slices or segments (leaving the peel makes water bitter)
- peel and thinly slice the ginger
- place lemon and ginger in a large pitcher
- heat 2 cups of water and pour over the lemon and ginger - allow to steep in hot water for 5 minutes
- remove mint leaves from stems
- fill the pitcher with cold (filtered) water
- add mint leaves and stir
- cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours and up to 3 days
- enjoy cold 
- optional - garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves