Monday, December 28, 2015

Top 10 of 2015

I love how this time of year you have all the top 10 countdown of everything. These lists are greatest moments in sports and politic, 10 most important people, 10 places to visit next year, 10 foods to try before you die, ... so I thought I'd toss you an Adventures in Partaking Top 10 list (or two).

Keep reading to discover the top 10 posts on Adventures in Partaking this year, my 10 favorite AIP products and my top 10+ favorite moments of the year!

Happy New Year!

TOP 10 POSTS of 2015 (based on site visits)

  1. AIP Cinnamon Rolls
  2. Smoky AIP Chili
  3. Quick Weeknight Dinners
  4. Sweet Potato Paratha
  5. Apple Spice Breakfast Patties
  6. AIP Cassava Pancakes
  7. Virtual AIP Christmas Cookie Exchange
  8. Apple Pie Cookies
  9. Garlic Carrot Soup
  10. Sweet Potato Crab Cakes

TOP 10 AIP Resources/ Products
Being part of the AIP world means constantly being introduced to new foods and new products. This is the roundup of my favorite AIP products this year...cookbooks, foods and lifestyle items. 

(1) The Healing Kitchen Cookbook - I got my copy of this book a few days ago and if you don't have it yet you need it. It is AMAZING! I plan on writing a full review soon, but first want to cook all the things. I feel like Sarah & Alena were in my head because every recipe in this book is something I would cook and eat and I kept saying (out loud while eating lunch at work - why didn't I think of that?) It's 175+ easy AIP recipes that don't need any weird ingredients!

(2) Cassava Flour- Unless you've been under a rock this year, you've seen the rise in AIP baked good using cassava flour. A lot of people use a different (more expensive brand), but I've had good results with this brand (+ it's cheaper). Woo Hoo! My favorite recipe with this flour is my "Sweet Potato Parathas"

(3) He Won't Know It's Paleo- The He Won't Know it's Paleo blog was my introduction into the Paleo world and intro into AIP before I knew what AIP was, or that I needed to be eating this way. Bre'anna's recipes are real food, family friendly and the kinds of things you want on your table.

(4) Coconut Butter/ Manna - I love making my own coconut butter, but sometimes there just isn't time to run the food processor, so it's super handy to have a jar of this on the kitchen shelf. I love just scooping a spoonful out of the jar (like I did back in my peanut butter days), but my favorite way to eat it is stuffed in some dates.

(5) Coconut Aminos - Before AIP/ Paleo, quick stir fry meals were my go to. I'd pull out the wok, toss in some meat, spiralize some veggies, and douse it all with soy sauce. I thought those days were in the past until I discovered this beauty.'s meat, veggies, ginger, garlic and a splash of coconut animos. :)

(6) Truffle Salt - Flavored finishing salts are a wonderful way to mix up flavors of your food.  If you have some time I would highly recommend my Bacon Rosemary Salt, but my favorite store bought salt is this black truffle salt. It adds depth of flavor and umami to veggies, fish, sweet potatoes, even avocado. Other great finishing salts are... Naturally Smoked Sea Salt, Wasabi Salt, and Fleur de Sel. I love keeping 4-5 different salts around to quickly boost and change flavors without a lot of work.

(7) Carcassone - Board Game - I know there's nothing particularly AIP about this board game, but it is one of my favorite family/ friends activities. I love taking this game to coffee shops and playing with friends while they sip on their fancy teas. Board games are a great way to destress and unwind. Other favorite games of mine are Ticket to Ride,  Phase 10, and Dutch Blitz. And, for a slightly more AIP themed game, may I suggest Pass the Pigs.

(8) Rooibos Tea - A lot of my friends here in Dubai are from South Africa and rooibos is the tea to drink. It's herbal, naturally caffeine free and has a sweet aftertaste, so no need to add anything. There's nothing better than sipping on a cup of rooibos tea while playing a game of carcasonne.

(9) Sweet Potato Chips - Let's face it, sometimes you just don't have time to get into the kitchen. Granted I know I should be prepared by batch cooking, but when the stash runs low, being able to grab a bag of chips is AWESOME! These are my favorite sweet potato chips (just sweet potatoes, coconut oil & salt). My next favorite are Plantain Chips.

(10) Flip Flops - I know these aren't exactly AIP, but it is AIP to relax and be outside and get some exercise and these flip flops encourage all of those things in my life. I can walk 5 miles in these things without unless its a formal affair or I'm really cold, these are what you'll find on my feet. This brand has yoga mat material for the base and they're soooo comfy!

TOP Moments of 2015
Since life is about a lot more than AIP, I thought it would also be fun to let you in on some of the top moments of the past year. As you'll see, most of these moments involve being surrounded by friends and family and enjoying life. I hope your 2015 was as great too! Happy New Year!!

left to right, top to bottom ... (1) my 1940's themed 40th birthday party with the friends who hosted, (2) my nephew helping me cook, (3) that day when I visited a US aircraft carrier in Dubai, (4) being patriotic with my parents for the UAE National Day, (5) that day when there were 40 of us at a table in the foodcourt after church, (6) on a girl's weekend in Fujairah, (7) the Easter sunrise service on the beach, (8) with my mom in NC this summer, (9) on top of Jebel Jais - the highest mountain in UAE- with my roommate, (10) that time that my parents and I had fun with the panoramic setting out in the Liwa desert, (11) with a group of friends at the Organic market in the park after church and (12) the day that we attempted to run a 10K in a sandstorm.....