Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me (+ a gift for you)!

Today is my 40th birthday, so I thought I'd give you all a present - - 40 exciting AIP recipes from around the blogosphere. 4 recipes in each of 10 of my favorite food categories. These categories will give you insight into some of my favorite food groups. Yes, sweet potatoes and avocados deserve their own group!!

I think one thing these recipes prove is that AIP foods don't have to be boring. All of these foods feel like celebrations to me and a variety of foods is one of the things we need to stay healthy. They also show that although treats aren't a daily part of AIP, there are some amazing treats out there and special occasions do call for treats!

Most of these recipes I've eaten and enjoyed...a few are on the short list to enjoy soon. 😀

1- Full Southern Breakfast (grit, sausage & Fry Bread) - Adventures in Partaking 
2- Bacon Maple Salmon - He Won't Know It's Paleo 
3- Pork & Leek Burgers - Comfort Bites  
4- Sweet Potato, Apple, Turkey Stir Fry - Sweet Potatoes & Social Change

          (Happy 10th birthday to me)

1- Seared Tuna & Summer Berry Salad - Adventures in Partaking  
2- Fattoush - The Paleo Partridge  
3- Green Chicken Salad - Adventures in Partaking  
4- Cucumber Avocado Tuna Salad - Kalyn's Kitchen  

1- Garlic Carrot Soup - Adventures in Partaking  
2- Pumpkin Sausage Soup - Beyond the Bite 
3- White Chicken Chilli - Sweet Potatoes & Social Change 
4- Creamy Lemon Chicken Kale Soup - AIP Lifestyle 

1- Sweet Potato Crab Cakes - Adventures in Partaking 
2- Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps - Heart Beet Kitchen 
3- Crab Bisque - Gutsy by Nature 
4- Fish & Chips - Gutsy by Nature 

         (Happy 2nd Birthday to me)

1- Guacamole Turkey Burgers - Beyond the Bite 
2- The AIP Burger - Comfort Bites 
3- Asian Style Burgers - Enjoying this Journey 
4- Sage Bison Burgers - Paleo OMG 

Sweet Potatoes
1- Peach & Bacon Sweet Potato Salad - Adventures in Partaking 
2- Cinnamon Rolls (made with sweet potatoes) - Adventures in Partaking 
3- Sweet Potato Nachos - It's Me Charlotte 
4- Sweet Potato Paletas - Sweet Treats 

      (Happy 1 week Birthday to me)

1- Spicy Mexican Green Sauce - He Won't Know it's Paleo 
2- Gaucamole - It's me Charlotte  
3- Grapefruit & Avocado Salad - Phoenix Helix 
4- Avocado Lime Hand Pies - Sweet Potatoes & Social Change  

   (Indoor skydiving to celebrate my 39th)

1- Onion Casserole - Adventures in Partaking 
2- Coconut Creamed Collards - Phoenix Helix 
3- Balsamic Roasted Brussells- Enjoying this Journey 
4- Cilantro Carrot Mash - Healing Family Eats 

Frozen Treats
1- Moroccan Mint Green Tea Ice Cream - Adventures in Partaking  
2- Boysenberry Lavender Ice Cream - Healing Family Eats 
3- Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream - Joy Filled Nourishment 
4- Peach Ginger Ice Cream - Phoenix Helix 

Baked Goods
1- Peach Cobbler - Gutsy By Nature 
2- Bacon Date Cookies- Adventures in Partaking 
3- Strawberry Shortcake - Gutsy By Nature 
4- Snickerdoodles - He Won't Know It's Paleo 

*thanks to my mom Judy Tapp for the childhood birthday pics (photo credit)