Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Green Chicken Salad

I feel a little Dr. Suess like calling this a green chicken salad. What can I say, I work with small children and I'll admit that back in my preschool teaching days I was known for serving green eggs and ham on Dr. Suess' birthday, and I fed those poor unsuspecting 3 year olds scrambled eggs dyed with green food coloring...not colored green with an avocado like this salad.

So, on to the salad. . .I will eat it in the park. I will eat it in the dark. I will eat it with a friend. I will eat it to the end. I will eat it in my office. I will eat it anywhere. . .

This salad is one of those simple meals that can be tossed together on the way out the door for work, it holds up well in the fridge, and is packed full of flavor and goodness.

Green Chicken Salad

Serves: 1
Time: 15 minutes

1/2 avocado
1/2 cup cooked chicken - diced
2 T diced red onion
2 T chopped parsley
1/3 cup blanched baby asparagus - diced 
1 cucumber - seeded and diced (seeding it is just to keep it crunchier)
1/4 t sea salt
2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves

- blanch the asparagus. Bring a small pot of salted water to a boil. Once boiling, add the asparagus and cook for 30 seconds. Drain and dunk into cold/ ice water to chill. Drain again.
- mash the avocado in a medium sized bowl
- add all other ingredients (except spinach) and mix well
- mound the chicken salad on a bed of baby spinach and enjoy

This recipe was shared on the Phoenix Helix AIP roundup