Monday, October 27, 2014

Strawberry Limeade Ice Cream

I realize that summer's over and most of you are enjoying the cool autumn weather. Summer is over here as well, but that just means that it's cool enough to want to be outside....but still very much ice cream weather. Honestly, when is it not ice cream weather?? I would be perfectly happy eating a big bowl of soup to warm up and then a big bowl of ice cream to cool down. I have a split personality when it comes to food.

I also realize that the banana ice cream thing has been done to death, but this is one of my favorite versions of the magic banana ice cream and it ends up reminding me of Sonic Drive-In Strawberry Limeade, which oddly enough is one thing I really miss from my years in Texas.

**A note about "AIP Treats": While it is true that this ice cream and other treats on this blog are made with AIP friendly ingredients, it should be noted that the AIP diet is primarily about nutrient density and healing and with that in mind treats should be reserved for special occasions. This are occasional foods, not everyday food. Treat often are higher in sugar content (even fruit) and as sugar causes inflammation for many of us following AIP, we need to make treats an occasional part of our lives.

 Strawberry Limeade Ice Cream

Serves-  2
Time-  5 minutes + 45 minutes to chill

- 2 frozen ripe bananas- cut into 1 inch chunks
- 6 medium strawberries cut in quarters
- juice of 1 lime

- pulse all ingredients in a food processor until smooth and creamy
- if you like soft serve, you can enjoy right away
- or, freeze for 45 minutes for a more solid ice cream consistency