Sunday, October 19, 2014

Restaurant Review - The Cycle Bistro

Even before I began my AIP journey I enjoyed visiting "The Cycle Bistro" in Motor City. The tagline for their restaurant is 'we are paleo and beyond'. The restaurant is located inside 'The Cycle Hub' in Motor City and on Saturday morning is where you'll find many of Dubai's cycling enthusiasts refueling after their morning ride. 

Their menu is fresh and delicious and everything on the menu is paleo - gluten free, grain free, dairy free, etc. The first time I went, I was overwhelmed knowing that for the first time since I went gluten and dairy free 5 years ago I could literally order anything off the menu. No more searching for hidden gluten and dairy. Just choose and enjoy. It was almost overwhelming having so much choice.

Then came AIP. I was afraid to go, so I went to their website and found the chef's email and wrote him a message asking about anything on the menu that might be AIP compliant. I was pleasantly surprised by his response. He knew what AIP was and responded almost immediately and asked for a couple of days to go through the menu and make a list and then he sent me a detailed list of what I can eat on their menu. He went above and beyond. Not only did he send me the list, but he posted it on their facebook page and assured me that the staff knew what to do if someone ordered something from the 'AIP Safe' menu. 

So, armed with his email on my phone I headed off to Motor City looking forward to the joy of having someone else prepare food for me. Actually, I've now been there twice in less than a week. :)


Both times I enjoyed an AIP friendly smoothie with my meal. They make their smoothies with coconut water and they are truly refreshing. The first time I went I enjoyed the 'Green Goodness' which is filled with all things green. Today I enjoyed the 'Mango Refresher.'

I knew the smoothies wouldn't be a bog deal, because I knew they were safe. When it came to ordering my food I'll admit I approached the counter with a little hesitation. Would they think I was crazy saying I couldn't have black pepper? Would they find me picky when I asked to make sure they cooked it in coconut oil? BUT, the staff couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. When I said that I was one of the people on the AIP diet who couldn't have black pepper, tomatoes, etc., the man behind the counter pulled a little note out from below the cash register and was obviously checking my order against what was on their 'safe list.'

The first time I went I enjoyed 'Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry.' And, when I went back today I enjoyed 'Shrimp Tacos.'

What a treat to be able to go out to eat without fear and to leave feeling well nourished and more than that cared for! I would highly recommend "The Cycle Bistro" to anyone looking for a meal out no matter what your diet restrictions are. This is one restaurant that makes you really feel like family!

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The Cycle Bistro Menu Items that Meet The AIP Diet:
(or. . . all the yummy food I'll be eating in the future)

Be sure to ask that only coconut or olive oil is used please just to be safe!

- Sweet Potato Hashbrowns ( ask for no Paprika)
- Steak / Grilled Chicken / Smoked Salmon / Avocado
- Grilled Breakfast Chicken ( no Salsa, No Tomatoes, No Egg)
- Mushrooms
- Eggs Benedict ( no tomatoes )

- Beetroot & Blueberry
- Coconut Banana
- Green Goodness
- Blueberry Banana
- Mango Refresher
- RAW Chocolate Shake ( ask for no almond paste)

Appetizers / Salads:
- Shrimp, Crab & Avocado Stack ( No Salsa / No Tomatoes )
- Roast Chicken Salad ( No Tomatoes )
- Mixed Salad ( No Tomatoes )
- Mixed Salad ( No Tomatoes – Add Chicken, Steak or Tuna or Smoked Salmon)
- Beetroot Salad ( No Sweet Potatoes or Tomatoes)
- Thai Chicken Skewers – ( No Tomatoes / No Papaya Salad )

Paleo “Wiches”:
( All wraps are made with egg and nuts , need to avoid )
- Grilled Grass Fed Beef Burger –( No Tomatoes / add avocado instead)
- Plain Fish or Shrimp Tacos – (No Spices use Garlic/Lemon Juice –No Salsa)

Main Courses:
- Grilled Beef Medallions – ( No Tomatoes )
- Shepherd’s Pie & Cottage Pie – ( No Bell Pepper or Sweet Potato Crust – Use Carrot  & Parsnip Mash for topping, bake in dish instead , No Tomato in Salad )
- Grilled Salmon with Pesto – ( No Tomatoes , No Pistachio Crust )
- Beef or Chicken & Broccoli Stir-Fry ( Ask to use Coconut Oil – avoid sesame oil )
- Vegetable Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce - Add grilled chicken or Plain Beef Mince Bolognaise