Saturday, October 11, 2014

Parties and AIP

This morning there was a baby shower at my church honoring four ladies in the church. This afternoon there is a wedding. For many of us, weekends are full of potential mine fields while following AIP. What's a girl to do?

The spread this morning was 3 tables long. There were cakes and doughnuts and cupcakes and pastries and croissants and chocolate and nuts and crackers and homemade cheese balls and baked pasta casseroles and hashbrown casseroles and 2 lonely plates of fruit. Attending events like this can be a challenge, but being prepared can help you leave this mine field unscathed.

(1) Eat Before the Event- Knowing that today would be a full day out with lots of temptation I made sure to prepare my belly before coming. Today that meant a bigger breakfast than usual so that I honestly wasn't hungry at the baby shower.

(2) Volunteer to Bring a Plate of Something you Can Eat - Usually this means I'll bring a fruit platter or veggie try or make sure to make an AIP friendly treat to bring a share. Some yummy brunch type choices I've seen online this week are..... chicken and zucchini poppers, plantain and apple fritters, or these paleo banana bread muffins. All of these are on my must try soon list and would be a happy addition to any party table.

(3) Scope Out the Choices Early - As soon as the party gets started, check out the table and see if there is something you can eat. Once people start filling their plate, make a beeline for it. This morning that was the fruit platter for me.

(4) Have a Snack in Your Bag - I've quickly learned on AIP that I can't leave things to chance. As the shower came to and end and others were eating the leftover doughnuts, I was reminding myself that I had a yummy packed lunch of Cottage Pie to look forward to.

(5) Relax and Have Fun - I think this is the biggest tip of all. At first I was weirded out at the thought of pulling out my packed lunch while other were enjoying the party and wondering what people must be thinking. But, in the past 2 weeks I've done it at a church potluck, a pizza party after a meeting, at a food court and a baby shower. No one questions, no one judges. The point of these outing and events is to be with the people we love and have fun. Enjoy the fellowship!

What tips can you share? Anyone have any advice for navigating the mine field?