Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eat the Vegetable Rainbow - Importance of Nutrient Density in AIP

It might take me a few days to eat my way through these goodies :)
When most people hear that I'm on the Auto Immune Protocol they say....well actually most people have not idea what it is. But, for those who know it has something to do with Paleo, they often say something like... 'how can you eat that much meat?' or 'do you only eat meat?'

The general thought out there is the Paleo = Meat. I believed that before I started researching AIP as well. For the last 4-5 years I have been a functional pescaterian. 99% of the time I ate fish (and eggs) as my primary protein source, and didn't really eat red meat or poultry. This was because I saw value in eating organic, hormone free meat and it was REALLY expensive. So, when I started looking into Paleo and specifically AIP I thought like many others that this meant tons of red meat. Boy was I relieved to hear on The Paleo View about the amazing nutrients in fish and shellfish and to read this article from The Paleo Mom that also talked about seafood nutrient density.

Yeah I can still eat lots of fish!!! 

Even more shocking to me as I learned more about AIP is the importance of vegetables in the Paleo diet. The recommendation from "The Paleo Mom" and other AIP sites is to eat 8-9 cups of vegetables a day. I've even seen this recommendation broken down into 3 cups of greens, 3 cups of cruciferous veggies and 3 cups of colorful veggies. Now that's what I call eating the vegetable rainbow. Here's a great article from "The Paleo Mom" about vegetable consumption called 

Veggiephobia: Why limiting your vegetable intake might be slowing down healing

What I'm learning after a month on AIP is that I'm eating more vegetables than most vegetarians, 
because I'm using vegetables as my filler instead of grains or other empty calories. 

In the last week I've enjoyed.... carrots, zucchini, onion, brussels sprouts, butternut, cauliflower, baby kale, spinach greens, avocado, sweet potato, cucumber, white cabbage, parsnips, celery, plantains, asparagus, cassava, purple kale, purple cabbage, pumpkin, mushrooms, mustard greens, turnips and all kinds of fresh herbs. 

I love vegetables!!